Materials Storage Silos and Hoppers

FSI Engineering can design, structurally certify and fabricate Silos, Hoppers and Bins in any capacity, height or diameter required.

Our team specialises in the manufacture of custom and standard sized silos including Australian Standard access stairs, handrails and platforms that are critical for your staff to be able to access the Silo or Bin.

FSI can fabricate Silos, Hopper and Bins in:

  • Painted Mild Steel.
  • Galvanised Mild Steel.
  • Stainless Steel 304 or 316.
  • Aluminium.

FSI supplies all of the Silo or Hopper “Jewellery” required for a safe system including:

  • Dust Ventilation / Extraction.
  • Silo Overfill Protection Panels.
  • Level Probes.
  • Wear Bends.
  • Fill Pipe Valves.
  • Outlet Slide Gate Valves.
  • Vibrators and Aerators.
  • Bin Activators.
  • Loading Bellows.
  • Rotary Valves, Lump Breakers, Airslides, Screw Conveyors.

FSI also supplies Bolt together Modular Silo’s which are ideal for erecting inside a building without needing access to lift a whole silo through the roof or plant as they are delivered in single curved panels which are assembled onsite in position into rings that build up to make the Silo.

Silofab Modular Silos are designed and engineered according to international standards in force related to wind, snow, and seismic activities.

The SPG 35 series of Silofab Modular Silos are designed for economic shipping and require short assembly time. The nature of these silos require minimum maintenance and the finish and construction details guarantees a quality product.

  • Bolt together Silos allow modular construction inside a building without removing the roof.
  • Bolt together silo options from 35m³ to 125 m³.
  • Modular system that simplifies shipping, installation and dismantling.