Airslides Fabrication

FSI Engineering designs, engineers, fabricates and installs Airslides for Concrete Batch Plants, Pug Mills, Quarries, and many other industries which seek a low cost conveying method for aerate-able powders and granules (Lime, Fly ash, Cement, Flour, Soda Ash etc).

FSI Engineering also maintains and services airslide systems

  • The Airslide section width and height of the aeration bed determines the conveying rate.
  • Turning Pots or Turning Boxes can be used to change the flow direction.
  • Air control valves can be used to adjust the amount of aeration into the product flowing.
  • Inspection hatches provide access to visually inspect inside the airslide section.
  • Dust collection ports can be provided to remove the spent air that is expended from the product during the conveying.

Airslides have no moving parts and can be a cost effective method of conveying large or small throughputs of material with only a slight incline required.

FSI Engineering Airslides Fabrication have minimal energy requirements as only a small volume of air is required through specific nozzles at a low pressure to move material. Air Slide Systems are installed overhead which saves valuable floor space in the plant without many heavy supports.