PH Neutralisation CO2 Sparging Systems

FSI Engineering Designs and Fabricates Carbon Dioxide PH Neutralisation Systems. These PH Neutralisation CO2 Sparging Systems are designed to treat volumes of High Alkali Water (High PH Level Water) to a stable PH at which the water can then be legally released from the site (excluding any other water issues).

Initially designed and manufactured for the Cement and Concrete Batch Plant Industries which produce large volumes of high PH water which cannot be released or re-used, the FSI PH Neutralisation CO2 Sparging System can save substantial water disposal costs of around $0.70 per Litre.

The contaminate Calcium Hydroxide which causes high alkalinity within the water is treated using the process of CO2 injection or sparging, this process creates a reaction which causes neutralisation of the water from a PH of 11 to 13 to acceptable limits of 7 to 8 (A range of 6.5 – 8.5 is typical for most natural watercourses).

Some of the Advantages of CO2 neutralisation include:

  • The Reaction is Self-Buffering (The pH cannot drop below 6.5).
  • There is No Handling of hazardous liquids required – No Acids Required!
  • No suspended solids (The Calcium Carbonate precipitates out leaving the water clear).
  • Low system running cost ($1 of CO2 treats approximately 800L of water).
  • Low capital cost investment.
  • Excellent return on capital investment (1 unit has saved a customer $150,000 per annum in waste water disposal fees).

The treated water is then suitable (excluding any other water issues) for re-use in the plant, washing equipment down, dust suppression or if required direct discharge.

FSI Engineering supplies the Carbon Dioxide PH Neutralisation System in 3 Configurations (but will custom design and fabricate a system for your site):

  • Simple manual skid (Setup, turn on and walk away).
  • Advanced Automatic skid (Includes datalogging and sensors)
  • Containerised PH Neutralisation Systems.

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