Chemical Dosing Systems

FSI Engineering designs, fabricates, installs and commissions a wide range of Chemical Dosing Systems for all industries.

We make systems for powder and liquid storage, dosing, mixing and delivery systems including:

  • Chemical Powder and Granule Storage Silos, Bins and Hoppers.
  • Materials Handling Equipment including Bulk Bag Unloaders, Screw Conveyors and Feeders.
  • Liquid Storage Tanks, Mixing Tanks, Dosing Tanks, Batching Tanks and Maturation Tanks.
  • Mixers and Agitators
  • Dosing Panels and Skids with pumps including Digital Dosing, Peristaltic, Centrifugal, Progressive Cavity. As well as all valves, flow meters, strainers and sensors required.

Some of the systems and equipment we have designed, fabricated, installed and commissioned include:



Lime Dosing Systems




Polymer Dosing Systems



Alum Dosing Systems



Activated Carbon Dosing Systems (PAC Dosing Systems)



Zeolite Dosing Systems



Caustic Dosing Systems



Soda Ash Dosing Systems



PH Neutralisation CO2 Sparging System



Containerised Water Treatment Dosing Systems