Caustic Dosing Systems

FSI Engineering has over 15 years’ experience in Designing, Fabricating, Installing and Commissioning Caustic Storage and Caustic Dosing Systems.

We build new Caustic handling and dosing systems as well as updating old Caustic systems.

FSI Engineering provides turn-key solutions for handling Liquid Caustic from tankers or IBCs inclusive of the following major system components:

  • Caustic Storage Tanks.
  • Caustic Dosing Pumps.
  • Caustic Metering and Dosing skids.
  • Caustic Wetting Cone and Eductor Systems.
  • Caustic Vortex Mixers.
  • Caustic Flash Mixers.
  • Caustic Inline Static Mixers
  • Caustic Mixing Tanks
  • Caustic Dosing Tanks
  • Caustic Batching Tanks
  • Caustic Solution Maturation Tanks.
  • All Tanks provided with internal sloped floors to the tank outlet.