Soda Ash Dosing Systems

FSI Engineering has over 15 years’ experience in Designing, Fabricating, Installing and Commissioning Soda Ash Handling Equipment and Soda Ash Dosing Skids.

We can provide turn-key solutions for handling Soda Ash powder bulk bags and Soda Ash Tanker Deliveries including the following major system components:

  • Soda Ash Storage Silos.
  • Soda Ash Bin Activators.
  • Soda Ash Hoppers and Soda Ash Bins (In Mild Steel or Stainless Steel).
  • Soda Ash Screw Feeders.
  • Soda Ash Slurry Dosing Pumps.
  • Soda Ash Metering and Dosing skids.
  • Soda Ash Dust Collectors and Soda Ash Dust Extraction Systems.
  • Soda Ash Wetting Cone and Eductor Systems.
  • Soda Ash Vortex Mixer.
  • Soda Ash Inline Static Mixers.
  • Soda Ash Bulk Bag Unloaders.
  • Soda Ash Screw Conveyors.
  • Soda Ash Weighing and batching systems.
  • Soda Ash Mixing Tanks, Soda Ash Storage Tanks, Soda Ash Dosing Tanks, Soda Ash Batching Tanks and Soda Ash Maturation Tanks. All provided with internal sloped floors to the tank outlet.

The long term experience of FSI Engineering with Soda Ash Systems allows us to design packages that minimise the common Soda Ash problems associated with Blockages and Scale build up.